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Who am I? There are five who call me mother, one who calls me wife, and many more who call me ‘egchee’, big sister. But I am simply a woman striving to be the best she can be in the place where she is placed; a woman full of dreams of being the best mother, the most mother, but also a mother who knows she has failed a thousand times and will a thousand times again.

As my love for my children is unconditional, so is their love for me; and when we fail, we pick ourselves up and try again; and there is joy in this, for all involved.

What more to say? My little family and I  live in a place far off the beaten track. Our home is a simple one; we bring our water from the well, heat our house with wood fires, and the children play with sticks, stones, and duplo blocks instead of tablets and smartphones. Half of this is situational, half a conscious choice; for children, like flowers,  grow best close to nature, and we can focus more on things that matter without a thousand distractions vying for our time, love and attention.

We do our school at home, and we laugh, learn, and live together.

It is a good life, and there are joyful surprises around every corner. But when all comes down to it, I am just a pilgrim mother, and these are my trails.