Wrap Review: Nona Deep Sea


Blend: 100 % Cotton

Weight: 278 gsm

Colors: Bright Blue and Navy Blue

Collage_Fotor_Fotor_wm.jpgFirst Impressions:

The color is the first thing that strikes one about this wrap: deep, vivid, and full of deep life.  This wrap is one that could be worn by both mothers or fathers; and the imagine design promises to do well over jeans as well as paired with nice clothes for a night out.

Unfold this wrap, though, and your intentions to make it your next favorite may very well be buried in new disappointment. Nona’s  old school wraps have a reputation of being beasts, and this is no exception. What comes out of the package seems better suited for a home improvement project or covering a couch then wrapping a baby.

On Closer Acquaintance…

Don’t give up—this needn’t be the death blow to your potential love affair. Throw that beast in the washer, spend some time braiding it while you sit and watch tv; then, if you have toddlers, hang it under the table and let them enjoy it as a hammock. Try wrapping too, and don’t be discouraged when it seems hard as nails. The good looks will make up for it, and it won’t be long before it is ready to become your second skin.

This wrap won’t become soft as butter and will never loose its sturdy feel—but, most likely, you will come to love it for who it is. It will become wonderfully pliant, ready to mold around your child as you wrap.

The texture on this wrap means it makes a rock solid double hammock: a double hammock that will last through whatever you might put it through. It’s an ideal wrap for a hike in the mountains, for a jog around the block, or even for some babywearing dance: no matter what you do,  it won’t budge. Do a nice tight wrap job, and you can even do jumping jacks with the little one stuck to you—he’s not going anywhere!

Nona Deep Sea is medium thick, and works in both winter or summer, although on hot summer days I avoided using it in my five!  It is easy care, and can be washed on a regular cycle and dried however you dry your laundry.